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Serving as Wyomings administrator of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit LIHTC program Wyoming Community Development Authority WCDA provides nancial incentives that help developers build or rehabilitate housing to be rented to low-income families at affordable rates. This encourages developers to increase andor preserve the supply of safe decent and sanitary rental housing for economically disadvantaged families. LIHTC provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction of an investors federal tax liability. In turn the development must reserve a percentage of the units for the areas lower-income residents based upon the areas median income. The credits are awarded annually through a competitive application process to ensure they are distributed fairly throughout the state. HOME a federally funded program provides annual allocations that are used to nance affordable housing. As Wyomings HOME program administrator WCDA directs an annual application cycle where funding is awarded on a competitive basis. LIHTC and HOME as primary WCDA multifamily funding sources are often utilized with other supplemental housing resources and are an example of the measures WCDA takes to ensure its programs benet the greatest possible number of Wyomingites. We know strong communities make strong economies and were proud to play a role. 2014 Multifamily Investment 7 total developments supported with Low Income Housing Tax Credits or HOME funding 203 total units supported with Low Income Housing Tax Credits or HOME funding 2751446 allocated in housing credits 2572000 awarded in HOME funding Allocated to tenants earning 40.1 - 50 AMI Allocated to tenants earning 30.1 - 40 AMI Area Median Income 18.7 57.6 23.7 Allocated to tenants earning 50.1 - 60 AMI 47.3 Of the units located in qualied census tracts 35 Of the units will be located in rural areas