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Staff Directory

Executive Department
Scott Hoversland, Executive Director
Lesli Wright, Deputy Executive Director

Legal and Compliance Department
Kathy Swanson, Director of Legal and Compliance
Danelle Johnson, QC & Compliance Officer

Human Resources Department
Rachel Shaw, Director of Human Resources
Jessica Howard, Administrative Officer
Sarah Saulsbury, Business Development and Marketing Services Manager

Affordable Housing Development Department
John Batey, Director of Affordable Housing Development Department
Judy Koski, Compliance Officer
Edie Phillips, Programs Officer
Paula Travers, Programs Coordinator I
Hayden Power, Programs Operations Coordinator

Finance & Administration Department
DJ Whitaker, Director Finance & Administration/CFO
Travis Fegler, Controller
Valeria Johnson, Financial Services Manager
Daren Cook, Staff Accountant I
James Cochran, Director of IT
Enrique Cardenas, IT Support Specialist
Candice Ohnstad, Administrative Assistant
Mary Knoll, Loan Compliance Specialist/ Administrative Support

Single Family Programs Department
Carol Wilson, Director of Single Family Programs
Connie Cain-Stinson, Loan Review Officer
Eileen Robles, Loan Review Specialist I
Tammy Krei, Loan Review Specialist
Christina Pelton, REO Asset Manager
Linda Jordan, REO Asset Specialist I
Heather Winter, REO Specialist I

Construction Department
Rick Juday, Director of Construction and Facilities
Keith Vlastos, Construction Specialist
Tom Price, Construction Specialist
Gene Collins, Construction Specialist
Alicia Bell, Facilities Specialist

Mortgage Servicing Department
Gayle Andress, Director Mortgage Loan Servicing
Stacy Howard, Insurance Servicing Processor
Rebel McAtee, Servicing Administrative Specialist
Chris Roberts, Servicing Processor/ Receptionist
Connie Williams, Data Entry Processor
Linda Bentz, Collector
Becky Hinton, Collections Manager
Marla Genetti, Collector Specialist
Rob Schauss, Collector
Stacey Tichy, Servicing Admin/ Collections Specialist
Kelley Drelicharz, Collection Specialist
Rhonda Mundorf, Collections Assistant

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WCDA Closed February 19, 2018

WCDA will be closed all day Monday, February 19, 2018. We will reopen with regular…read more »

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