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Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program

The MCC Program is a First-time Homebuyer tax credit program. The MCC Program is not a mortgage loan product.

With an MCC, a Qualified Borrower may obtain a credit toward his/her Federal income tax liability. The MCC tax credit is a calculation based off of the mortgage interest paid. MCC Holders may use this credit over the life of the Qualifying Loan, provided the MCC Holder continues to qualify for the MCC. The actual value of an MCC and the associated tax credit will depend on the individual MCC Holder’s tax situation. If you sell your home within the first nine years, a Recapture Tax may apply to the subsidy you were provided through the MCC Program.

An MCC can only be used with the HFA Preferred and Advantage loan products.

WCDA requires MCC applicants to complete the online homebuyer education class and the one-on-one counseling session offered by Wyoming Housing Network, Inc. prior to applying for a Mortgage Credit Certificate.

This product is subject to federal eligibility requirements including income and purchase price limits.

Please contact a participating lender for more information.

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