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WCDA Advantage Program

The WCDA Advantage home purchase or refinance FHA mortgage loan program is available to previous and current homeowners and first-time homebuyers. This program offers affordable interest rates with a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. WCDA Advantage is the perfect solution for borrowers who have a slightly higher income than our Standard Program Requirement.

WCDA Advantage Home Purchase Mortgage Loan Program offers:

  • FHA or Rural Development insured/guaranteed loan type

  • Purchases or limited cash out refinances (RD refis must be a refinance of a current RD loan)

  • 30-year fixed rate mortgage

  • No purchase price limit

  • You must be purchasing a home on six (6) acres or less

  • Not subject to the Federal Recapture Tax provision

  • May be used in conjunction with the WCDA MCC Program

  • Home$tretch Down Payment Assistance loan may be used


  • No first-time homebuyer requirement

  • Income limits set at 140% of HUD state median income (currently $100,000 for all counties and all family sizes) for FHA loans

  • RD income limits on RD loans

  • Minimum FICO credit score of 620


  • Live in property as primary residence

  • First-time homebuyers are required to complete the homebuyer education class through Wyoming Housing Network, Inc.

WCDA Advantage Home Refinance Mortgage Loan Program:
Same requirements as the purchase loan program, except for the homebuyer education requirement. Borrower cannot use the WCDA MCC program or the Home$tretch Down Payment Assistance Program with the Advantage Home Refinance Program.