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Rental Permission

WCDA properties are to be owner occupied at all times, however, in some hardship situations, with written approval, WCDA may allow an owner to rent the property on a month to month basis for a temporary period of time while the home is on the market. Requests for this temporary approval must be in writing with the following items included with the letter from the borrower.

  1. Reason for requesting permission to rent (must be for hardship reasons)

  2. While renting the home, it will be actively marketed for sale at a reasonable price and available for showing.

  3. The property will be rented on a month-to-month basis until sold (no leases allowed).

  4. The loan is to be current and kept current during the rental permission period.

  5. WCDA will not finance another home for you during this rental period.

  6. Copy of current listing agreement

Once a written request is received from the borrower, WCDA will review the information and respond in writing if rental permission will be granted. No WCDA borrower should rent their home without written permission from WCDA.

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