Since 1975, Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA) has been making it easier for people across Wyoming to finance their first home.

We provide low-interest single family mortgages and education to help our customers buy and retain their homes. We also offer special programs to aid in the sustainability of homeownership from our down payment assistance program, to homebuyer education and counseling, to our partnerships with developers and our work with non-profit community organizations, WCDA is the state’s leading resource for housing finance.

In 1975, the WCDA was created by state statute, as an instrumentality of the state, for the purpose of raising capital to finance affordable housing. WCDA receives no state funding. WCDA’s largest housing program is the Single Family Mortgage Purchase Program for first-time homebuyers. In order to fund this program, WCDA raises capital by selling tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds to investors. Since the interest on the bonds is tax exempt, the investors accept a lower rate of return. The savings is passed through to homebuyers in the form of lower interest rates on mortgages.

In 2012, WCDA began offering additional financing programs for homebuyers by taking advantage of special mortgage purchase programs offered through the federal government for Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs). These programs are called the HFA Preferred Programs and are not limited to first-time homebuyers.

In addition to its single family programs, WCDA currently administers three major affordable rental housing development programs; the Low-income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program, the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF), and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). These three federal programs have funded more than 5,000 units of affordable rental housing across the state.

From time to time, WCDA may administer other special housing programs on behalf of the state. Most recently, WCDA allocated more than $38.8 million in federal stimulus funds to affordable housing under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), the Tax Credit Exchange Program and the Tax Credit Assistance Program.


Scott Hoversland

Executive Director

Christopher Volzke

Deputy Executive Director


Charles Nutter

Director of Mortgage Servicing

Angela Fuson

Director of Single Family Programs

Michael Holliday

Director of Finance & Administration

Scott Radley

Director of Information Technology

Rachel Shaw

Director of Human Resources

Tom Price

Director of Construction & Facilities

Tammy Krei

Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development 

Kathy Swanson

Director of Legal & Compliance


Michael Martin

Susan Anderson
Vice Chairman

Pat Thomas

Honorable Mark Gordon
State Governor

Honorable Curt Meier
State Treasurer

Pete Illoway

Kendra Heimbuck

Doug Chamberlain

David Caplan

Scott Hoversland
WCDA Executive Director


The Board of Directors of the Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA) will hold a conference call board meeting beginning at 8:00 am, Thursday, October 26th, 2023. 

 The purpose of the meeting is to discuss general business of the Authority.  An agenda is available at the offices of WCDA at 155 N. Beech, Casper, WY 82602.

The WCDA Board of Directors meets every other month (six times per year). Meetings typically begin at 8:30 a.m. The first meeting of 2023 is in January.

The WCDA Board of Directors conducts a work session every other month (six times per year) on the Wednesday preceding the scheduled Board meeting. Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m. with a meal just prior to the start of the work session. The first meeting of 2022 is in January.

The WCDA Board of Directors conducts a conference call every other month (six times per year). Conference calls begin at 8:00 a.m. The first conference call of 2022 is in February.

2023 WCDA Board of Directors Meeting Calendar

January 25, 2023               Board of Directors Work Session, Casper
January 26, 2023               Board of Directors Meeting, Casper

February 23, 2023             Board of Directors Conference Call

March 22, 2023                  Board of Directors Work Session, Casper
March 23, 2023                   Board of Directors Meeting, Casper

April 27, 2023                     Board of Directors Conference Call

May 24, 2023                      Board of Directors Work Session, Casper
Review of 1st Draft Budget & 2023-2024 Strategic Plan
May 25, 2023                      Board of Directors Meeting, Casper

June 22, 2023                     Board of Directors Conference Call
Approval of 2023-2024 Budget

July 19, 2023                       Board of Directors Work Session, Casper
July 20, 2023                       Board of Directors Meeting, Casper

August 24, 2023                 Board of Directors Conference Call

September 26, 2023         Board of Directors Annual Work Session – TBD
September 27, 2023         Board of Directors Annual Meeting – TBD

October 26, 2023               Board of Directors Conference Call

November 29, 2023          Board of Directors Work Session, Casper
November 30, 2023          Board of Directors Meeting, Casper

December 21, 2023          Board of Directors Conference Call

*Board meeting dates are subject to change.


To help our fellow Wyoming citizens attain quality and affordable housing.


Our vision is to be a leader in bringing economic and community value to Wyoming based on our expertise in housing.


We finance affordable housing in Wyoming.


Teamwork – We bring people together

Responsibility – We are accountable

Integrity – We do the right thing

Community – We are involved

Compassion – We care


For media inquiries, please contact the Marketing and Business Development Manager.


Phone: 307-265-0603