Jared Woodcox

When my wife and I first moved to Laramie, we knew we wanted to eventually get into a house. We just weren’t sure if it was something we would be able to afford, so we decided to rent instead. We would periodically check the housing market to see if there were any feasible options, but every time we did it just felt like the cost was way more than we could handle- especially the down payment. It was, honestly, pretty discouraging and for a while we assumed we would just have to put our dream of home ownership on hold.

However, after spending so much time living in a place that wasn’t our own and feeling like we were just flushing money down the toilet, we decided to look a little closer, to dig a little deeper. I am so glad that we did. We became aware of WCDA and their First Time Home Buyer program and it completely changed what we thought we knew about buying a home. Suddenly, our budget seemed a little less constrained. Suddenly, our dream seemed a little more realistic.

With the help of WCDA, my wife and I were able to move into a lovely home that did not come with an outrageous down payment. Better yet, the monthly mortgage rate was barely more than what we were paying for rent with our small apartment. Moving into our own house has been a complete 180-degree turn for our quality of life and overall happiness. We now have a place to come home to that we can actually call ours. We’re building equity and we’re not spending more than we can afford. We’re able to call our home, our home.

Working with WCDA has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I would strongly encourage anybody that feels like they can’t afford a home to look into the programs they offer.