Jason Frye

Owning a home has always been a dream of mine. When I was a child, my family moved around a lot. We never stayed in one place for even a full school year. We lived in lots of houses, but none of them ever felt like “home.” Once I became an adult, this theme remained.

I joined the US Navy and they moved me and, later, my whole family all over the country. Once I got out of the Navy, I started working for a company that moved me to Wyoming. By this point in my life, I had lived on both coasts, seen 20 different countries and had visited numerous states. I valued the life experience that I gained through this journey, but I now wanted stability for my family and myself. Our children were just starting elementary school, with another one having graduated to middle school. I wanted them to have the chance to build lifelong friends and relationships.

The biggest key to this, obviously, was becoming a home owner. I wanted a home that my children could always come back to. I wanted a place for my grandchildren to play on a tire swing. I wanted a place that I could call my own. Due to my background, I was able to apply for a VA loan. I then contacted a realtor, as well as my bank. I’m not perfect and I surely did not have perfect credit. I spent about 6 months working on my credit report but then, finally, it was time to buy a home.

We fell in love with a stick-built home in Gillette. There was a great backyard with 3 full-grown trees and a little garden. It had a shed and a garage with plenty of space for my “manly pursuits.” In short, it was perfect.

But my story does not end there. Everyone has problems through life, no matter if it’s financial, medical or work-related. For us, we hit a particularly rough spot and our income was in a flux. We immediately called the WCDA office and spoke to an account representative. We had needed to delay our payment until the next payday. The rep went through all of our options and what fees would occur, depending on when it was paid. They took a great amount of stress out of an extremely stressful situation. They were very understanding and the compassion that they have shone brightly throughout that phone call.

I couldn’t be happier with WCDA and the amazing work that they do. They are simply amazing. Now, my children and my grandchildren, brothers, sisters and parents know where “home” is at. They know that there is always somewhere to go if they encounter problems in their lives. A home is an adult safety blanket for the whole family, and WCDA provided that blanket for us.

They made my dream a reality.