Mark Bahr

Working with WCDA is boring.

I say this because the entire process of purchasing a house through WCDA has been relatively painless and easy, lacking any real problems or issues.

This was a welcome relief, as the situation that required me to purchase my house was less than ideal. The bad news: I needed to find and purchase a house in less than a month. The worse news: I wasn’t in a position to afford a substantial down payment. With those two problems in mind, I spoke with my bank who, luckily, helped set me up with a loan from WCDA. That was Step 1. Step 2 was the pre-approval process, which was quick and painless and within a couple of days I was approved. Step 3 was finding a house.

The search was on.

The search did not last long.

Luckily, a close friend of mine was ready to sell his home. The inspections and price negotiations were handled with very little hassle and soon there after, a date was set for closing.

Because the WCDA loan process was so easy, I was able to focus more on the actual move. I had already made arrangements for automatic payments of my main and secondary mortgages, so when closing day arrived, the entire process took about 30 minutes. I shook some hands, signed some papers and then, suddenly, I was a homeowner! Everything after that was like being on cruise control. The payments always came out like clockwork and I never had any problems with my loan. There was only one time that I needed to contact WCDA with a problem, but it wasn’t even their problem. It was a simple tax issue, and just one phone call had the issue handled.

Look- it’s simple. WCDA made it possible for me to purchase my first home. It’s hard to find any “institutions” that actually work the way they are “supposed” to. It’s even harder to find an institution that isn’t bogged down with red tape and bureaucracy. WCDA is the antithesis of this. They have always been helpful, attentive, reliable and dependable. I have never experienced a single problem in my dealings with them and I highly recommend WCDA to anyone looking into purchasing their first home. But be forewarned:

You’ll be very, very bored.