Testimonial Hero 2

WCDA’s First Time Home Buyer program completely changed what we thought we knew about buying a home.

Jared Woodcox~WCDA Customer

When my wife and I first moved to Laramie, we knew we wanted to eventually get into a house. We just weren’t sure if it was something we would be able to afford, so we decided to rent instead. We would periodically check the housing market to see if there were any feasible options, but every time we did it just felt like the cost was way more than we could handle- especially the down payment. It was, honestly, pretty discouraging and for a while we assumed we would just have to put our dream of home ownership on hold.

Home is where my family is, and WCDA made that a possibility for me.

Kathy Swan~WCDA Customer

I have been blessed to call so many places home- each a gem in my life story. The house I am in now allows me to start a new chapter of my life, and working with WCDA allowed that to happen. Home can be only a building for some, but for me it means so much more. Home means love, support, family, memories. Home is a place of love for all of us; a place where we can treasure each other and our many blessings.

All we wanted was a yard and a dog.

Stephanie Reeves~WCDA Customer

As a single mom back in 2007, I was used to doing things on my own and I worked really hard to get my son and I a home. I also learned really quickly that as a homeowner, you have to stand up for yourself and work to make your home what you want it to be. Luckily, I purchased my home through WCDA and they helped me every step of the way.

WCDA made it possible for me to purchase my first home.

Mark Bahr~WCDA Customer

It’s hard to find any “institutions” that actually work the way they are “supposed” to. It’s even harder to find an institution that isn’t bogged down with red tape and bureaucracy. WCDA is the antithesis of this. They have always been helpful, attentive, reliable and dependable. I have never experienced a single problem in my dealings with them and I highly recommend WCDA to anyone looking into purchasing their first home.

Going from traditional institutions to WCDA has been like living in black and white, and suddenly opening a door to a world of color.

Jessie Davis~WCDA Customer

Buying a new home is not something that everybody gets the chance to experience. For a long time, I wasn’t sure I would get the chance to experience it. It was something I always wanted, but I wasn’t sure when, or if, it was going to happen. I also didn’t know if I’d be able to do it on my own. Luckily, with WCDA, I was never alone.

Owning a home has always been a dream of mine.

Jason Frye~WCDA Customer

I couldn’t be happier with WCDA and the amazing work that they do. They are simply amazing. Now, my children and my grandchildren, brothers, sisters and parents know where “home” is at. They know that there is always somewhere to go if they encounter problems in their lives. A home is an adult safety blanket for the whole family, and WCDA provided that blanket for us.